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Third Person Mech Battle Royale ‘Meka Hunters’ Has Gone Up for Pre-Order on the App Store Ahead of Its November 13th Release Date

Last month, we wrote about Meka Hunters which was a revamped take on MekaRoyale Online when it was looking for beta testers. Today, Illogical Games just put up pre-orders for the game ahead of its release in November. I’m interested to see how this plays out after Illogical Games has taken everything they learned from the previous launch to ensure this one goes well. They decided to retool MekaRoyale Online into something more focussed giving us Meka Hunters. Watch the new trailer for it below:

The new third person perspective is just one of the changes in Meka Hunters. Matches will now be much quicker and players are put up against others more often so they avoid risking a loss by failed evacuation. The aim is to evacuate to win here. Meka Hunters is free to play and the in app purchases are for cosmetics only. It was set to release on November 13th already and pre-orders have just gone live on the App Store. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can pre-order Meka Hunters on the App Store for free. Here’s our forum thread for Meka Hunters.