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Adorable 3D Perspective Puzzle Game ‘Takoway’ Arriving on October 3rd, Up for Pre-Order Now

Oh boy do I love cute little octopuses. Or is it octopi? Well whatever the case they are adorable for some reason, and as it turns out they’re even more adorable when they only have six legs instead of eight. That is the case with the little “hexapus" that stars in the upcoming puzzler Takoway from developers Hexagoon and Daylight Studios. Takoway is based around the Necker Cube illusion, which even if you don’t know by name you’ve no doubt seen before. It’s essentially a wireframe 3D cube that can either look like it’s pointing towards you down and to the left, or up and to the right, depending on how your brain chooses to assign the shape’s depth. Takoway allows you to switch between those two types of perspectives in the environment on the fly, and you’ll have to swap back and forth frequently in order to escape the lab where you’re being held captive. Check out the unique effect in action in the following trailer.

This certainly isn’t the first puzzler we’ve seen that plays around with perspective, I mean hello Monument Valley. But I can’t recall seeing this particular illusion being played up as a mechanic in a game before, and I really dig it. I also dig the colorful art style and way too cute characters that you’ll befriend while working your way through Takoway’s challenges. The game is set to launch on October 3rd, just in time for International Octopus Day the folowing week on October 8th! It’ll set you back just $2.99 and if you’re the pre-ordering type you can pre-order it right now on the iOS App Store or pre-register for it over on the Android Google Play Store. Otherwise look for adorable little Takoway to arrive the old-fashioned way on October 3rd.