TGS 2019: Hands-On With Taito’s ‘Graffiti Kingdom’

Most of the mobile games I tried out this year are definitely going to see a worldwide release, but I’m not entirely sure about this one. That said, Taito’s Graffiti Kingdom was so cool that I just had to share it with you all anyway. This is the latest game in a relatively long-running series, but it’s one of those cases where the game fits mobile so well that it really feels like a revelation to play it this way. In this game, you create your own 3D creature with a surprisingly robust set of creation tools, then take it into RPG-style battles.

The Tokyo Game Show demonstration of the game was quite a bit more guided than most things you tend to see on the floor, with a Taito staff member walking everyone through how to create their creature. Sadly, we didn’t get to take our little fellows out to battle, but at the very least the embedded video should give you an idea of just how flexible it is. You really can make just about anything and have it animate more or less however you’d like, provided you’re dedicated enough. My monster turned out to be a bit of a disaster, so I’ve decided to include the video of my son’s attempt, which I think we’ll all agree turned out pretty cute for a first attempt.

Graffiti Kingdom will be launching in Japan this winter, but there’s no word on whether or not it will release wider than that at any point. I could see it going either way, as Taito’s mobile games sometimes get localized and sometimes don’t. Some of the previous installments in this series did make it to the West in some form or another, though, so perhaps there’s a chance. The game is free to play, and mentions that there will be additional items sold as IAP. I’m guessing some of the customization options or perhaps extra monster slots, but that’s just my speculation. At any rate, it’s a pretty neat little title, so I hope Taito takes a chance on making it available for as many countries as possible.