New Apple Arcade Game Trailers: ‘Skate City’, ‘Manifold Garden’, ‘The Bradwell Conspiracy’, ‘Super Impossible Road’, and ‘The Enchanted World’

Now that Apple has confirmed the pricing and release date for Apple Arcade, a plethora of developers and publishers have started finally announcing games and revealing new trailers for previously announced games. After the event, we’ve also seen more games get added to the service and while the confirmed full launch list hasn’t been revealed, the free trial will no doubt help people get a proper taste of the service when it launches next week. With Apple Arcade just about a week away, here are some more trailers for upcoming Apple Arcade game releases.

Super Impossible Road

You probably know Impossible Road from Wonderful Lasers. A few years ago, there was talk about Super Impossible Road arriving on consoles and it was great seeing it confirmed for iOS when it was announced for Apple Arcade. Super Impossible Road on Apple Arcade includes split screen and online multiplayerm modes in addition to the single player mode.


The Enchanted World

Noodlecake Games needs no introduction. They are like Devolver Digital for me where I will blindly try out anything they release and when they revealed The Enchanted World as a launch title for Apple Arcade, I was pretty excited. The Enchanted World is a puzzle gmae with great visuals and a really nice soundtrack. Unlike most puzzle games that go for a single aesthetic, The Enchanted World has a lot of varied settings for puzzles. I’m definitely going to check this out alongside Sayonara Wild Hearts first when Apple Arcade launches next week.


The Bradwell Conspiracy

Bossa Studios and A Brave Plan finally revealed The Bradwell Conspiracy for Apple Arcade in addition to consoles and PC platforms. It is set after an explosion at a museum where you find yourself trying to escape in a first person exploration focussed puzzle adventure game. It features a 3D printing in game mechanic with stylised visuals and a great voice cast. The new trailer has my interest piqued and right now I’m more worried about finding time to play everything in Apple Arcade when it launches next week. Thankfully there’s a bit of time before The Bradwell Conspiracy launches.


Skate City

I loved OlliOlli and the sequel across basically every system because it was the rare skateboarding game that didn’t annoy me with bad controls or performance issues. When Skate City was revealed for Apple Arcade, I was pretty excited. I’m always up for trying new skateboarding games and hope this one ends up being great.


Manifold Garden

William Chyr’s Manifold Garden has been on my to buy and play list from the moment I saw the first trailer for it. I didn’t think it even had a chance of launching on iOS let alone on Apple Arcade but here we are. Manifold Garden is another one of those games where I’ll end up taking a ton of screenshots because it looks so damn gorgeous. It is also a first person exploration puzzle game and considering The Witness is one of my favourite games this decade, I’m excited. Manifold Garden from William Chyr launches soon on PC and Apple Arcade.