Apple Posts a Two Minute Supercut of a Bunch of Apple Arcade Games

After Apple’s big “By Innovation Only" event on Tuesday, not only did they announce the new iPhone 11, but they also announced the pricing and release date for their upcoming Apple Arcade premium gaming service. Oh and also a new Apple Watch and a new entry level iPad and some other stuff. But the marquee announcements were new iPhones and sweet, sweet games. Today Apple has thrown another log on the Apple Arcade fire by releasing a cool new video which showcases a number of the 100 games that will be launching as part of Apple Arcade next week. Some I’ve seen before, some I haven’t, but one thing I know is that two minutes is not enough time to see it all.

I tell you what, I am super excited for Apple Arcade. There are just so many games I want to play on the service, and it feels like each day there’s some new ones I’m learning about that get me even more stoked than I already was. And even if you’re not on board with paying a subscription for gaming, there’s a one month free trial so you can check it out without any risk, and beating as many of the Apple Arcade games as you can during that one month trial sounds like a pretty awesome challenge. We’ll keep an eye out for any more Apple Arcade nuggets of goodness ahead of its launch a week from today.