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Stylish Dungeon Crawler Puzzler ‘Plunge’ Will Be at GDC, Check Out this New Gameplay Video

During PAX West this past September, Eli and I stumbled across a bank of kiosks featuring upcoming Steam games, and one in particular caught our eye with its really neat art style. That game was Plunge from developer Spooky Buns Games, and it’s a rogue-lite dungeon crawler with an almost board game-like isometric viewpoint. It combined “slide until you stop" block-pushing puzzle mechanics with more traditional dungeon crawling, and it looked really awesome. Lucky for us, when we stopped to chat with the developers they mentioned that Plunge was indeed destined for mobile in addition to desktop. Here is a fairly recent and lengthy gameplay video showing Plunge in action.

This week we learned that Spooky Buns will be at GDC showcasing Plunge at the Indie Megabooth, and since we’ll be at GDC covering the event like we usually do, we’ll make a point to stop by and check in on the game’s progress. No pricing has been decided and there’s no solid release date set just yet beyond sometime in “mid-2018" but I’m curious to see how the game has come along since we saw it last September. If you’re liking the look of Plunge as much as we do, then keep your eyes on TouchArcade for our GDC coverage starting March 19th for an updated look at this promising upcoming game.