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‘Attack on Titan TACTICS’ Gets a New Trailer and Pre-Registration Opens Up on Google Play

Back in April DeNA officially lifted the lid off of a new mobile game based on the Attack on Titan anime. It’s called Attack on Titan TACTICS and I had actually been given a lengthy demo of the game during GDC the month prior, and while I don’t know the difference between Attack on Titan and a hole in the ground, it seemed like it had a lot of potential for fans of the series. The premise of Attack on Titan, where humans are constantly defending the walls of their city from the attacks of gigantic hunanoids known as Titans, is pretty much a perfect setup for a base defending game, which is what Attack on Titan TACTICS is. You’ll collect and upgrade characters to put together a team that can launch attacks towards approaching Titans before they have a chance to make it to your city and break down your wall. You can see a bit of the game in action in this new trailer.

Attack on Titan TACTICS will follow the story of the first season of the animated series, and will also include completely original side missions to complete that will flesh out the official Attack on Titan lore and universe. It’ll feature over 40 different characters from the series and even includes voice acting from the anime’s original voice cast. Like I said, it’s shaping up to be a real treat for fans of the show condensed into an accessible, “real-time strategy meets tower defense" style of game. Attack on Titan TACTICS already launched in Japan in April, and is set to get an English language release this fall. Players in the US, Canada, and Australia can pre-register for the Android version of the game over at the Google Play Store, and as always there will be rewards given out based on how many pre-registrations there end up being when the official launch arrives. Attack on Titan TACTICS is also coming to iOS devices of course and once a specific release date is revealed we’ll let you know.