‘Journey’ From Thatgamecompany Just Had a Surprise Launch On the App Store and You Can Buy the PlayStation Classic Right Now On iOS

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One of my favourite PlayStation 3 games is definitely Journey ($4.99) from thatgamecompany. I played it quite a while after it released but was blown away by the visuals, music, and online system. I played it again when it arrived on PlayStation 4 and still consider it one of my favourite games. The exploration driven game with light puzzles is a game I recommend to all. When Annapurna Interactive brought thatgamecompany’s Flower to iOS, I was hoping Journey would follow but it seemed like that was not possible. Thankfully, they proved me wrong today. Watch the Journey PC trailer below:

Journey on iOS (as spotted by @mixtobin) brings the complete experience to mobile and a portable device for the first time. It even includes the matchmaking that plays a huge role in the game. Matchmaking is available through Game Center here. Austin Wintory’s score makes this worth the purchase already. It is one of the soundtracks I was hoping to see get put onto vinyl. Seven years after debuting on PlayStation 3 digitally, Journey is now available on the App Store for iOS. This is the fourth port for the game following the PlayStation 4 and more recently PC release. Annapurna Interactive has published the non PlayStation platform releases while Sony published the PS4 and PS3 versions.

Journey is available right now on the App Store from Annapurna Interactive. You can buy it for just $4.99. Journey requires iOS 12.2 or later and is a 1.1 GB download. It is going to be interesting seeing the response to Journey and to Sky now that both games are available on iOS. Check out the official website here. Have you played Journey before on PlayStation or PC before?

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