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‘Kazarma’ is a Super Colorful, Super Stylish Shooter from Legal Radiation that’s Launching Next Month

Developer Legal Radiation, who released the super clever “Breakout meets Missile Command" game Line Defense (Free) a few years back, have another game on the horizon that’s looking quite cool. It’s called Kazarma and it’s sort of a scrolling shoot ’em up mixed with a third-person auto-runner. And, like Line Defense, it has really colorful and stylish visuals. In fact I’m kind of in love with the super saturated environments in Kazarma. The concept is pretty simple: Touch and drag your finger or thumb to maneuver your ship left or right as it propels forward and auto-fires at approaching enemies. You’ll make your way through 50 randomly generated levels that get increasingly more difficult as you progress, with increased speed, more obstacles, and harder enemies. You’ll collect power-ups, unlock new ships, and even unlock a special Challenge Mode along the way. Here’s a trailer.

Interestingly, Kazarma takes place on the Kazarma Bridge, which is a real bridge in Greece that dates back to around the 13th century BC. While not quite as long as the Kazarma Bridge in the game, the actual Kazarma Bridge is still standing and in use today, all these centuries later. It’s pretty remarkable, and a pretty cool inspiration for a video game. I’m a fan of what Legal Radiation has done in the past, and Kazarma looks like the sort of mobile game I always enjoy – Something you can play with one hand and dip in and out of on a whim. Following a brief beta test that took place in our forums, Kazarma should be arriving by the end of August.