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Updated: Capcom Taiwan just announced ‘Mega Man X Dive’ which is in developmentfor iOS and Android

Capcom Taiwan just announced a new Mega Man X game today. While most people thought the Mega Man X series of Mega Man games was mostly dead, Capcom brought out two collections on consoles and PC that were mostly excellent. Today, Capcom Taiwan announced Mega Man X Dive which is an action RPG in development for iOS and Android. This features all characters from the Mega Man X series of games and your aim is to repair the errors in the world. Watch the trailer below:

Mega Man X Dive is free to play though so don’t think this is Capcom bringing out a new premium game for iOS and Android yet. I fully expect Capcom to bring Mega Man 11 to iOS and Android eventually considering it ran very well on the Switch. A localisation and worldwide release for 2019 has been confirmed by Capcom as well. There are no other details right now for the English release. What is your favourite Mega Man X game?

[Source: Gematsu]