All-Time Mobile Classic ‘Battleheart Legacy’ Getting Updated for Modern Devices and Releasing on Desktop

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When Mika Mobile first announced Battleheart Legacy ($4.99) way back in November of 2013, it was hard to put into words just how darn excited we were. The original Battleheart was a groundbreaking release on mobile and basically invented the line-drawing combat concept that so many other games have adopted. It was like an RPG jukebox where you could fiddle around with different party setups just to see what worked and what didn’t, and Battleheart Legacy looked to retain that core essence while bringing the familiar enemies and characters from the original into full 3D. Gone was the party mechanic in favor of a singular character that could adopt multiple class styles, effectively making it like you’re a full party in just one person. Battleheart Legacy released in May of 2014 and not only was our Game of the Week and the recipient of a 5 star review, but has become one of the cult favorites amongst mobile gamers over the years.

There was just ONE tiny problem: Battleheart Legacy hasn’t been updated in a bajillion years. Ok maybe not quite that long, but it hasn’t been updated since the fall of 2015 and it feels woefully outdated in today’s climate of super huge edge-to-edge mobile device screens. Well… good news, everyone! Mika Mobile has announced on Twitter that Battleheart Legacy will be getting an update soon that will add support for modern resolutions, and not only that but the game will be coming to PC and Mac via Steam. It will join Lost Frontier as their only other Steam release, and on mobile it will join last summer’s bloody excellent Battleheart 2 as the only other Mika game to support full screen iOS devices. While I’d love to see the rest of Mika’s library get a similar treatment, I’m much happier to hear that they’re spending their time working on a new game, and Battleheart Legacy is my very favorite of all their releases, so if something was going to get an update I’m glad it’s that one. No specific word on when this update will hit, but we’ll let you know when it arrives.

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