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‘Project Zero Deaths’ is a Multiplayer Platform Shooter that’s in Open Beta Right Now

While it’s been in a more low key beta for a few months now, Project Zero Deaths is now looking to kick things into high gear and bring more attention and players to their game. This comes right alongside a big new update to the beta that adds in a new game mode and new maps. But what is Project Zero Deaths? Well, it’s a 2D physics-based platform shooter where your goal is to run, jump, and shoot your way to victory against opponents who are all trying to do the same. There’s a heavy emphasis on customizing your character, weaponry, and gear and the developers promise that “Your skills makes the true difference in a perfectly balanced F2P experience." Check out the trailer for Project Zero Deaths to see what it’s all about.

With today’s update, there are now 5 different game modes to play in. Classic Team Deathmatch is the newest addition, and it joins Capture the Flag, Bomb Delivery, Payload, and Ring Collecting. There are also 4 brand new maps that join a whopping 26 existing maps: the Castell, the Factory, the Obelisk, and the Temple. What’s most important though is that you can hop in and take Project Zero Deaths for a spin yourself right now as part of the open beta test. If you’re on iOS, then click this link for the Testflight version, and if you’re on Android then click this link for the Early Access version on Google Play. The game is also on Steam Early Access if playing on desktop is more your thing. We’ll be keeping an eye out for an official release date for Project Zero Deaths as the open beta continues.