Original ‘Candy Crush Saga’ Releases Its 5,000th (!) Level Today

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Something that’s become sort of a running joke over the years is just how many dang levels King’s original Candy Crush Saga (Free) has. Oh, you’re on level 400? That’s cool, I’m on level 700. Oh but actually I’m on level 1500 now. Yep, made it all the way to 2000. I mean, where the heck does it end? Well, today King has hit the latest level milestone for Candy Crush Saga as they’ve just released the 5,000th level. 5,000! That’s just pretty absurd, no? Candy Crush Saga first launched way back in 2012, and since that time they’ve racked up quite a few impressive stats as well as three spinoff games. Here’s a little video celebrating the release of level 5,000.

If you’re a real stats junkie some of the other interesting milestones Candy Crush Saga has reached in the past 7 years are: 1.7 trillion color bombs exploded; 1.57 trillion stars collected (more than the Milky Way); the game has said ‘Delicious!’ 653 billion times; and players have collectively spent more than 8 million years playing the game. Since it’s entirely possible there are a lot of folks who aren’t quite at the level 5,000 point yet, King is allowing anybody who is at least Level 10 to play level 5,000 for the next 24 hours and have a chance to earn some exclusive in-game rewards. Whatever your feelings towards Candy Crush Saga, it’s darn impressive the number of levels that are in the game now as well as its longevity in an App Store world that moves at lightspeed. Cheers Candy Crush Saga, and I’ll see you for level 10,000.

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