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Naquatic’s Multiplayer Demolition Derby Game ‘CrashCrafter’ is Looking for Beta Testers

In addition to having a huge library of mobile games of all types, developer Naquatic has been especially successful with games that let you build your own stuff. Their GunCrafter let you build any weapon you could dream up inside the confines of its grid sizes and Minecraft-style building system, and then let you test fire that weapon on a range to admire your own handiwork. Then MonsterCrafter allowed you to do the same, except instead of creating weapons you were creating your own monsters and instead of a firing range you’d take those monsters into battle against other monsters like Pokemon. Now Naquatic is taking their crafting game expertise to the world of destruction derby with their upcoming CrashCrafter. Taking the previously mentioned games into account, you can probably guess exactly what CrashCrafter is all about. Build your own vehicle and then go ram into other players with it online to see which one will survive.

CrashCrafter’s building system will include more than 100 parts, and their motto is “If you can dream it, you can craft it." Once you’ve created the vehicle of your dreams, the game will transform it into a fully operational, 100% physics-based vehicle, and how you actually built it out will affect how it operates. “Shift weight forward to improve drifting. Shorten your front/rear wheel separation to increase turning radius while building a protective shell to shield your engine from impact. Every single element of your build affects the way it handles and performs." And perhaps best of all is that since you and everyone else built your vehicles piece by piece, that means they’re fully destructible out in the battlefield, and destroying different parts of an opponent’s vehicle can often have advantageous and hilarious results. Naquatic says CrashCrafter is “coming very soon" but until that time they’re looking for some beta testing help, so head over to the thread in our forums and let them know you’re interested and we’ll be sure to give you a heads up when the game launches officially.