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Promising Sci-Fi Top-Down Shooter ‘Gigantic X’ Launching July 29th, Pre-Order Now Available

There’s a game I’ve been kind of keeping an eye on for the past few months, watching as tidbits of new info were released about it and a limited beta test took place. I thought about writing about it before but I really wanted some more concrete info about when it would be releasing, as too many times I’ve gotten excited for a game that ends up in perpetual soft-launch and many times never even officially releases at all. Well the folks at developer Action Square have finally divulged a concrete release date for the game in question, as well as released a new trailer, so now seems like the perfect time to talk about Gigantic X. First off you should check out this slightly older trailer from March that’s a good overview of the premise behind the game.

So yeah, in the far future we’ve extended our reach beyond our own solar system and have taken to colonizing the star systems of a distant galaxy. Mega corporations enlist plebs like you and me to go to these uncolonized planets and destroy all the native species so that we humans can make it a nice home for ourselves and harvest all the planet’s valuable resources. It’s morally questionable work but at least it pays well. And while it’s not the deepest story in the world, it’s enough of an excuse to shoot a bunch of aliens, and that’s all that really matters. You’ll choose one of three different classes to wipe out these freaky alien beasts: Scardy who is a nimble weapons specialist; Rhea who is a technician with a teleport capability and great ranged attacks; and Titan who is a hulking tank of a man with a penchant for melee weaponry. Here’s a nice little cinematic trailer telling the backstory of how these three came together.

Gigantic X was envisioned from the start as a multiplayer experience, and while it will support solo play it should be at its best when teaming up (or in some cases teaming against) a couple of buddies in the various multiplayer modes. It gives me a heavy Space Pioneer vibe with its focus on blasting tons of creepy aliens and missions that are designed around mobile play. The motto of the designers for Gigantic X was “simple but deep" and they very much want this to be a skill-based game where there is no magic bullet weapon or gear that can win the game for you. That said, there will be stronger and weaker players based both on a player’s specific level and their gear, but there will also be special modes where everyone has all the exact same stuff and is on even ground together, and the winner will be the one who fights the best. Check out Gigantic X in action in the newest gameplay trailer.

Gigantic X will be launching on July 29th and is available for pre-order on the iOS App Store right now, and is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for Android too. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. In the meantime you can check out some more clips of the game on the Action Square YouTube channel, read some excellent dev blog entries over on the official website, or join in on the discussion with other eager players and the developers themselves on the game’s official Discord server.