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Action Platformer ‘Unbroken Soul’ Looks Amazing, Launching June 30th

After releasing a teaser video a few months back that generated quite a bit of buzz, Spanish developer Chorrus Games has now released a full official trailer for their upcoming action platformer Unbroken Soul, and it looks freaking awesome. If you enjoy running, jumping, double-jumping, hacking away at enemies up close with your sword or picking them off at range with your bow and arrow, well, that’s pretty much all the types of things you’ll be doing in Unbroken Soul. It’s probably just easier if I let the trailer speak for itself.

Seriously, this is pushing all of my buttons. I love action platformers and at least from the looks of Unbroken Soul the gameplay and mechanics seem super solid. I love the big old bosses you’ll fight and the level designs look very challenging and clever. This is one you can pretty much just hook right into my veins, so you know I’ll be looking forward to getting my hands on Unbroken Soul when it arrives at the end of the month.