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TinyBuild is Bringing “Historically Inaccurate” Cemetery Sim ‘Graveyard Keeper’ to iOS and Android Next Week

Last year tinyBuild teamed up with Lazy Bear Games to release Graveyard Keeper on Steam and Xbox One, a simulation game inspired by Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon that had you maintaining and growing a medieval graveyard as you played through a story-driven campaign and interacted with the residents around you. The two had teamed up on Punch Club several years ago, which turned out rather fantastic, and given the inspirations behind Graveyard Keeper I was pretty excited to check it out. Unfortunately I don’t play games on Steam and I hardly ever play on my Xbox anymore, so when the developers announced a Nintendo Switch version back in March I figured that would be my gateway to Graveyard Keeper. However, on Twitter this week, tinyBuild announced that in addition to the Switch version, Graveyard Keeper is also heading to PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android on the same day, which is next week on June 27th. Here’s the launch trailer.

While I’ll probably still play it on Switch because I have an unhealthy obsession of buying games on that platform even with a backlog that’s a mile long, mobile is my preferred platform for playing almost everything, and I think Graveyard Keeper will be a really good fit here. Similar to how fantastic Stardew Valley is on mobile. This just seems like SUCH a deep game with all the crafting, fishing, dungeon crawling, and of course cemetery-building. So if you’ve been looking forward to checking this one out on a platform other than desktop or Xbox, then keep your eye on the app stores for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android when Graveyard Keeper launches there next week on the 27th.