Our 2018 Game of the Year Runner-Up ‘Grimvalor’ Now Available on Android

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Grimvalor ($6.99) knocked us for a loop when it launched on iOS in October of last year. Coming from a team that included the same folks who brought us Swordigo (Free) way back in 2012, one of if not the best Metroidvania-style platformers on mobile, Grimvalor took the same sort of structure and tight controls of Swordigo and wrapped them up in a dark fantasy setting inspired by the Dark Souls series. The results were absolutely fantastic, as we loved Grimvalor in our original review, chose it as our Game of the Week upon release, and included it in our top three Best Games of 2018. So yeah, I guess you could say it’s pretty good.

Anyway, as fantastic as Grimvalor was, that didn’t amount to a hill of beans for Android folks as since its October debut it had been an iOS exclusive game. However, developer Direlight had always intended to bring the game to Android, and early last month they launched an open beta on the Google Play Store so that Android players could take the game for an early spin and help iron out any issues ahead of its release. And this week that release officially happened with Grimvalor arriving on the Google Play Store for free. It contains ads which can be removed for a $6.99 in-app purchase, which is the same price it is upfront on iOS, so for free there is absolutely no reason not to give one of the best mobile games in the world a shot if you’re on Android.

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