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‘HELI 100’ is a New Helicopter Combat Game from the Makers of ‘PAKO’, Launching this Thursday

There are few game series I love more on mobile than the PAKO car chase simulator series from developer Tree Men Games. The original PAKO ($1.99) cuts you loose in somewhat confined areas in a vehicle with no breaks and permanent acceleration, and sees how long you can last without crashing into something or being captured by an increasingly aggressive police pursuit. PAKO Forever (Free) takes that formula and gives it a randomly-generated, free-to-play-unlock-system coat of paint which actually works super well. Then there’s PAKO 2 ($1.99) which gives you way larger levels, point-to-point delivery missions a la Crazy Taxi, and the ability to finally fight back against those pesky police. It is hands down one of the most exciting games I own.

So anyway, with three successful PAKO games in the books, it might be interesting to see what else Tree Men Games is capable of, eh? Well that’s just what we’ll be getting this Thursday when they launch their new game HELI 100. While one comment on the trailer below calls it “PAKO: Helicopter Edition“, HELI 100 is actually described by Tree Men as their take on a bullet hell shoot ’em up game. “Try to survive 100 missions of enemies in a small arena type of battle, be fast, dodge bullets, use power-ups and defeat the enemies. Who will be the best player of HELI 100? Leaderboards start at mission 100!"

What I think is so interesting about HELI 100 is that, well, you’re flying a helicopter, which gives you a much more open range of movement than your typical scrolling shoot ’em up. You’re dodging bullets coming from all directions, but you’re also able to move in all directions too, and believe it or not that core concept really does give me a PAKO kind of vibe. You’re in a confined space and trying to dodge all these elements around you. It’s a great twist on the classic formula that Tree Men does so well. If you’re a PAKO fan or a fan of bad ass helicopter action, check out HELI 100 when it hits this Thursday.