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‘Knight Brawl’ is the New Wacky Physics-Based Fighter from Colin Lane and Brad Erkkila

Our old pal Colin Lane is gearing up to release a new mobile game, and this time he’s partnering up with our other old pal Brad Erkkila once again. The new game is called Knight Brawl, and like many of Lane’s other games, it’s a wacky physics-based fighting game. In this case it features a bunch of knights beating the crap out of each other with sharp objects. It’s actually a spiritual successor of sorts to Lane’s previous game Epic Flail, a game where you played as dudes looking straight out of The Warriors beating the crap out of each other with maces on a tropical island. It’s one of my favorites. Knight Brawl expands on the concept with shields, a dash move, and a bunch of different types of weaponry. Here’s a trailer.

If you enjoy Colin Lane’s previous games, then that trailer should have you pretty excited for Knight Brawl. I especially like the variety of knights with their different equipment that can go flying off piece by piece. As with most of Lane’s other games, Knight Brawl will be free to download and play with ads, and a one-time IAP to disable those ads if you choose. If you’re into doing the whole pre-ordering thing, Knight Brawl is currently available for pre-order on the App Store right now with an expected release date of June 12th. If you’d rather wait for this one to release before downloading, then look for it to arrive in just a few weeks.