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One-Touch Platformer ‘Bubbles the Cat’ Heading from Steam to iOS Next Month

It makes sense to strip down the controls for a more complex and precision-based game type like a platformer when you’re building something for the touchscreen, which has led to tons and tons of auto-running single-touch platformers over the years. What I love though is when a developer goes the single-touch route not because of necessity, but because they want to fully explore all the possibilities that brings and create a robust experience around the mechanic rather than just a simplified one. That’s the vibe I get from Bubbles the Cat from a developer known as Team Cats and Bears. First off, check out the trailer.

As you can see, Bubbles the Cat is a one-touch game but it’s anything but simple. Levels are designed with all sorts of crazy hazards to negotiate, and you have a number of cool abilities at your disposal to add variety to the challenges. I especially like the one where your cat leaps in the air and creates a little brick wall on their feet to block some fireballs. Bubbles the Cat launched on Steam back in April and is heading to iOS next month. There’s no set date yet as the game is currently with Apple for review, but when it does arrive it will offer a whopping 125 levels across six worlds, as well as “an entire bonus world of (optional) hardcore bonus levels for people who like that sort of thing." Oh, and most important of all, unlockable hats for your cat! Keep an eye out for Bubbles the Cat sometime next month.