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‘Bewildebots’ is a Brain-Busting Premium Puzzler Coming to Desktop and Mobile

During the 2018 Global Game Jam, a team of developers created a game called Buddy System where you’d send commands to your fleet of robots to get them to move around a gridded playfield and end up on their individual charging stations. The twist is that all of the robots in each level would respond to your commands simultaneously, and move in whichever direction they were facing. This meant you’d have to think well ahead to ensure that all of the robots would get to where they need to go using the same set of commands. It was a clever concept, and one of the developers from that Global Game Jam team, Joe Sycalik, decided to found a studio called Jadeus Games and create a super polished and greatly expanded version of Buddy System which he’s calling Bewildebots. Check out what it’s all about in the following trailer.

As you can see, directing up to ten robots at once is a tricky endeavor, and Bewildebots will come equipped with a whopping 300 different levels to figure out. Various types of floor tiles, or just straight up holes in the floor, will need to be contended with to get your robots to their ultimate goal. Bewildebots is also hoping to tick all the boxes of features that premium mobile gamers are looking for. It’ll be a fully paid title at $3.99 with no ads or IAP, can be played with just one hand and works in both portrait and landscape modes, and doesn’t require an internet connection to play. The developer himself says “Bewildebots has been meticulously designed to be the type of premium experience mobile gamers are asking for." So if that describes you, get your four dollars ready and plunk them down when Bewildebots arrives on the App Store in a couple of weeks on June 4th.