iPad-Only Deck-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘One Deck Dungeon’ Getting Universal iPhone Support this Thursday

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It was just shy of a year ago that Handlebra Studios and Asmadi Games brought their deck-based dungeon crawler One Deck Dungeon ($6.99) to the iPad, which was less than a week after launching the game on Steam. And while it’s a fairly UI-heavy game that plays much better on a larger screen, that didn’t stop players from begging for a port to the iPhone, as is typically the case with any iPad-only game. Well the developers have been hard at work on that very thing, and coinciding with the game’s one-year anniversary of launching on the iPad they’ll be releasing an update with Universal iPhone support this Thursday, May 23rd. One Deck Dungeon is shrinking! As you can see in the following trailer.

My favorite thing about this, which should be no surprise to people who know me, is the portrait orientation. I absolutely love games I can play on my iPhone with just one hand, and card-based dungeon crawlers are a perfect fit for this as games like Meteorfall and Card Thief have shown us. The Universal update will be free for those who own the tablet version, at least for the platform you own it on. Meaning that if you own the game on iPad, you aren’t getting it for free on your Android smartphone, but you will be able to play it on an iPhone. It also sounds like Handlebra will be having a sale when the update hits, so if you like saving money it might be worth holding out until the update arrives on Thursday if you haven’t picked up One Deck Dungeon already.

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