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Crescent Moon Bringing 8-Bit Style Adventure ‘Knights of Tartarus’ to iOS

Following a period of Early Access availability, developer StelloHexis launched their 8-bit inspired top-down adventure RPG Knights of Tartarus on Steam just over a month ago to a positive reception. Knights of Tartarus has a heavy Legend of Zelda on the NES vibe with its visual style and its screen-by-screen open-world design, but differentiates itself with turn-based combat and a really unique crafting and magic system where you’ll actually learn spells and gain crafting materials by beating up on enemies. You can see it all in action in the following trailer for Knights of Tartarus.

This past Friday Crescent Moon Games announced on Twitter that they’ll be bringing Knights of Tartarus to mobile at some point in the future. They also tweeted a short clip of that mobile version which shows off what we can expect in terms of controls on the touchscreen, which is a pretty simple set of virtual buttons. Since Knights of Tartarus is designed to be old school it utilizes a 4:3 aspect ration, which means the game takes place in a screen that’s more like a square than a rectangle. This leaves ample space for those virtual buttons in the borders on the side of the screen, which is nice as it means you won’t be blocking the action with your digits. Unfortunately there’s no specific release date announced for the mobile version of Knights of Tartarus, though we do know it’ll be a $4.99 premium game, but seeing as this is the type of thing that pushes every single one of my buttons I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on it.