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‘Jumpgrid’ is the Frantic New Dodge ‘Em Up from the Maker of ‘Boson X’, Coming May 9th and Up for Pre-Order Now

Developer Ian MacLarty has put out all sorts of mobile games that we have loved over the years, probably most famously with the super unique runner Boson X ($2.99) but also with the likes of Jelly Juggle (Free), Dissembler ($2.99), Black Hole Joyrider (Free) and more. So we’re obviously always excited to hear of a new game from one of our favorite developers. And that new game is called Jumpgrid, which is lovingly described as “bullet hell hyper-Pac-Man." As the playfield constantly changes it’s your job to teleport between the various nodes on the “jump-grid" in order to avoid being squished. Clear all of the nodes and you’ll teleport to the next level. As with most of MacLarty’s releases, this one comes with some trippy visuals and tunes, check out the trailer.

Jumpgrid has been available on Steam for the past couple of months and has received a positive reception from desktop players. This forthcoming iOS version comes with improved audio and visuals as well as a new infinite mode in addition to the game’s 100 levels. The iOS version of Jumpgrid is set to launch on May 9th for $2.99, and you can pre-order it on the App Store right now if that’s your kind of thing. If not, no worries, you can just check out Jumpgrid when it becomes available the old-fashioned way next week.