‘Revue Starlight Re LIVE’ Re-roll Guide: When To Re-roll And How To Get Stars Fast

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Re-rolling in Revue Starlight Re LIVE (Free), or simply Revue Starlight as it’s more commonly known, isn’t nearly as complicated as other similar titles. In this Revue Starlight re-roll guide, we’re going to show you how to go efficiently re-roll your Revue Starlight account to get you off on the right foot.

Games like Revue Starlight need to reel you in before they can rinse you dry. And to do that, they need a hook. The proverbial hook here is the generous early hand-out of premium currency to ease you into the gacha lifestyle. So getting the most for your free money early on will stave away the greed goblin just that little bit longer. The idea of re-rolling means figuring out the best time to cut your losses and start from fresh. So in the case of a Revue Starlight re-roll guide, that means knowing when the rate of free stars is reduced to a trickle and, thus, when it’s time to decide whether you’d be better off starting fresh before pouring any more of your precious time into a rocky start.

Revue reroll guide

Re-rolling in Revue Starlight can be done in a moment’s notice. Unlike other similar games, you won’t have to delete the app to delete your account and start fresh – any data caps should rest easy knowing that. Instead, it’s a simple matter of hitting the “Support" button on the game’s main start-up screen and hitting “Clear Player Data". This should scrub your account from your device, allowing you to start things from scratch when you next press play.

Getting yourself off on the right foot means making the most of the waterfall amount of “Stars" Revue Starlight dumps atop new accounts. Performing a 10 Scout typically takes 3000 of these brightly colored gems, but new players will have the pot sweetened somewhat, offering a single scout at half the price.

Revue Reroll guide

There’s even another re-roll combating box that offers a guaranteed 4* character with unlimited re-rolls, so you can technically spam that until you get your favorite girl and call it a day. But as it costs the usual 3000 stars and only includes half the total number of pulls at 5 rather than 10, deferring your best girl for something like a 4* and 2+ 3* pulls might be a better overall deal. It’s not far from what you could expect from a random 10 pull down the road, anyway.

The goal here is to collect around 4500 stars for a quick and easy re-roll experience. That’s enough for the limited 5 pull at 3000 stars and the first round of the Step-Up “Start Dash" gacha at 1500. It’s not too difficult to amass the 7500 needed to finish off the Step-Up for your guaranteed 4* scout, but things dry up a little along the way. It’s all dependant on how much time want to spend between full account re-rolls.

So what should you aim for with your scouts? It depends on your tastes. If you’re a Revue Starlight fan just hoping to get a rare variant of your “waifu" to play with, then you already know exactly what you want and can re-roll at soon as she doesn’t come home with that 4500 star soft cap. For more efficient play, aiming for any one 4* and two or more 3* girls from the 3000 Star 5 pull is a good bet alongside a 4* with the 1500 Step-Up pull so that you can finish off with the guaranteed 4* for Step 2.

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going for, it’s time to get grinding.

Revue reroll guide

You’ll gain a handful of stars by following the tutorials and completing those objectives. Once all that’s over loads more stars are thrown at you as the daily log-in bonuses, launch celebration, and pre-register campaign giveaways kick in. From here on out, you simply want to clear Chapter 1 of the story as quickly as possible.

Luckily, this can be done almost effortlessly thanks to the burst of units the Revue Starlight throws at you from the get-go. They’ll do you fine up until the last fight of the chapter, which is why we consider that to be a good stopping point for re-rolls, as you’re going to want a few new characters on your side to topple that particular beast.

Clearing each mission awards 50 stars, with a bonus 50 for clearing the 3 bonus objectives on each (like not losing too many characters, etc). You’ll have no problem letting the AI take over for 99% of this, so just use Auto to pick your team, set the battle to Auto and 2x speed and just go do something between each mission. The AI clears it each without breaking a sweat, so you can literally sit back, relax, and reel in 100 Stars every other minute. The same goes for the intermission-style videos that pad out the story after every couple of fights. Just skip them to rake in another 50 Stars and continue the process.

Revue reroll guide

Once reaching the final mission 1-9, you should have a few thousand in your account. You can grab a few hundred more by tapping the chests along the bottom of the Story Select screen as an accumulation reward for earning those bonus objectives. Thanks, AI!

Then it’s all about ticking off those Daily and Normal “Assignments", reached by tapping the button on the bottom right of the home screen. Plenty of these dish out 50 stars apiece for mundane tasks like editing your profile, setting your birthday (birthday scouts?), and interacting with other players in ways that can be done in literal minutes.

All that should have you well over the 4,500 Stars soft cap for an effective re-roll experience. If that’s enough for you, go ahead and try your luck. Actually, you’re going to need some of those gacha pulls to grab more stars, so get stuck in either way.

If you’re looking to finish things off with that Step-Up box at 3000 Stars, use your newly acquired Stage Girls to build a kick-ass team capable of pushing through the Chapter 1 boss with each and collect the final bonus objective accumulation reward. Then simply keep on going!

Revue reroll guide

To reach the 3000 stars needed to finish off the Step-Up scout and earn the 4* gacha pull that comes with it, you’ll need to start working your way through Chapter 2 of the Main Story. Leveling up the Stage Girls you use here will tick off a few more of those Assignments on the main screen, so expect a regular injection of Stars that way, too.

Or, if you’d rather stop with all the silly fighting at this point, there’s another way to go about things – clearing School stories. Revue Starlight features groups of girls from several rival schools, and by chapter 2 of the Main Story, you have 3 story sequences to watch from each. Skip (or read) these for 50 Stars a piece and you should just push through that final 7500 Star hard re-roll cap needed to finish off the 4* Stage Girl Step-Up “Start Dash" gacha.

With all that said and done, if you’re still not happy with your summons, it’s time to back out of the game, reset your account through the method detailed way at the top of this guide, and do it all over again. You should be able to reach the 4500 Star soft cap in around an hour, with the 7500 hard cap coming in at around 120-160 minutes for a first attempt. There’s always a better way as things change over time, but right now, this way is better than wasting countless hours later on with scouts that just aren’t up to snuff.

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