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‘Death Hall’ from the Maker of ‘Wave Wave’ Gets a Great New Trailer and is Launching Next Month

This past January we got the announcement and some screen shots of the new project called Death Hall from developer Tom Janson, who you may remember as the creator of the awesome cave flyer acid trip Wave Wave (Free). Death Hall is an action platformer where your goal is to run and jump through hazardous environments while also outrunning a gigantic red blob of death with razor sharp teeth. It looked really cool but it was a bit hard to glean exactly what Death Hall was like from those initial screens alone, so about a month ago Janson released a teaser trailer which made the gameplay a little more clear, but was still a little on the short side. Well, with development approaching the finish line, we now have an official release trailer for Death Hall which is lengthier and shows off a lot of the mechanics and the different enemies and environments you’ll encounter, check it out.

This latest trailer has me the most excited yet as you can see there’s a bit of lore behind the game as to why you’re doing what you’re doing and I like seeing the variety of environments and enemies compared to what’s been shown off previously. Also I think that massive red blob monster might be my spirit animal. Another tidbit revealed by the trailer is that Death Hall should be releasing at some point in May, which according to my very complex calculations, is next month. Hooray! You can learn more about Death Hall and take part in some discussion in the thread in our forums, and Mr. Janson will also be tweeting out additional details and media leading up to the game’s launch, so go give that fellow a follow on Twitter. Otherwise look for this one to drop at some point next month.