‘Diablo’-Inspired ‘Arcane Quest Legends’ Gets New Chapter and New Weapons in Latest Update

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Back in December just before the holidays hit, developer Marco Pravato aka Nex Game Studios sneakily released Arcane Quest Legends (Free) into the App Store. The Arcane Quest series had been going strong on mobile for several years, with three entries prior to the release of Legends. However, those previous games were all turn-based strategy games and Arcane Quest Legends was instead a spinoff of sorts that featured real-time hack ‘n slash action. It was modeled very closely after the classic Diablo, and hit many of the right notes with its extensive loot and many quests to complete. Perhaps most noteworthy was that, unlike pretty much every other modern action RPG for mobile, Arcane Quest Legends wasn’t a free-to-play hamster wheel and was instead simply free-to-download with IAP for purchasing additional chapters. The “pocket Diablo" for your phone has long been a dream many have chased but few have actually achieved, but Arcane Quest Legends came pretty darn close.

This week an update has arrived for Arcane Quest Legends adding Act 4 into the game. Like previous Acts it’s available as a $1.99 in-app purchase or as part of a bundle that unlocks all Acts for $3.99. This update also adds three difficulty levels to the game which you can choose when creating a new character and starting a new adventure. Basically the higher difficulty levels punish you more when you die and the hardest level even prevents you from being able to revive. Test your mettle! Finally this update adds “lots of new weapons" and includes bug fixes. We chose Arcane Quest Legends as our Game of the Week when it came out so you can read more about it there, or check out the many impressions from players in our forums, but at the end of the day the game is totally free to check out for yourself so if you enjoy Diablo-esque games with no freemium shenanigans then you should definitely be downloading this one already.

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