Konami’s ‘Pixel Puzzle Collection’ Has Finally Released in the UK and Europe on iOS and Android

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Today marks the culmination of one of the biggest crises in European history. That’s right – after what feels like years of debate, anticipation and protests, Konami’s Pixel Puzzle Collection (Free) has finally released on Android and iOS within Europe and the UK. As a Picross evangelist, I’ve had to watch by for months as those the US have enjoyed Konami’s nostalgia-packed take on the iconic puzzle series, and let me tell you – it’s been a struggle. I’ve been close to creating alternate accounts to download the title, as it is free without any in-app purchases required, but my lazy self normally just gets angry and reverts back to absolute mobile classic Crosslogic Unlimited (Free) (which is a fantastic and basically endless Picross game, for anyone who hasn’t heard of it). However, the wait is finally over, and anyone in Europe can now lose all productivity and dive into this surprise Konami mobile hit.

I have absolutely no idea why this delay took place, as it seems like there isn’t anything substantially different in the European release of the game. Still as far as inexplicable moves go, this is relatively low-key for the notorious Japanese developer. Konami moves in mysterious ways, as I think we’re all far too aware at this point. Perhaps licensing issues were a thing? Does that even make sense considering it uses exclusively Konami IP throughout? Who knows – either way, Pixel Puzzle Collection is really an unmissable download for puzzle fans, and we loved it in our review. Excellent touch controls, a really vibrant soundtrack, dollops of nostalgia and an interesting randomiser mechanic for which puzzle you’re given at any one time makes for a Picross game that is both fresh yet familiar. For absolutely free, there really is nothing to complain about here. Download Pixel Puzzle Collection in Europe and the UK now – and if you live elsewhere, it’s not too late to try this great mobile Picross title.


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