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‘The Day We Fought Space’ is a “Wreck ’em Up” Shooter that Brings Physics into the Mix

I’m always down for a regular old shoot ’em up, vertical or horizontal, take your pick. But I’m also a big fan of when developers try to implement something unique to the tried-and-true genre, and that’s exactly what two-person studio Tursiops Truncatus is attempting to do with their upcoming title The Day We Fought Space. (As an aside, I now know that Tursiops truncatus is the scientific name for bottlenose dolphin, and that makes me smile.) Anyway, as for the game itself, The Day We Fought Space is a horizontal shooter with a huge arsenal of unique weaponry. The coolest thing is that physics can come into play so you can actually knock enemy ships backwards and make them crash into other ships, creating chain reaction crashes. Check out the trailer.

As you can see, these are not the typical types of offensive weaponry you’re accustomed to seeing in a shooter. I love all the inventive ideas that have gone into the weapons and I’m also really digging the vibrant look of the visuals. The developers have dubbed their style of shooter as a “wreck ’em up" and to keep things more focused on reaction than pattern memorization as in many classic shooters the game is procedurally generated on the fly. No firm release date has been announced for The Day We Fought Space just yet but you can sign of for the newsletter on the game’s official website to stay informed and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one as well.