Quirky Interactive Toy ‘Vignettes’ Gets Updated on Mobile Alongside New Desktop Release

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We first laid eyes on Vignettes ($2.99) back at GDC 2017 a little over two years ago, and it was one of those clever ideas that seemed like it could only be possible on mobile. Vignettes had you manipulating 3D objects using the touchscreen and rotating them in a certain way so that they could take on a different object. It’s a little tricky to explain and is much easier to understand by watching the trailer below, but Vignettes was undoubtedly a cool thing and felt more like an interactive toy than a full-fledged game. Filled with all sorts of surprises and whimsy, Vignettes eventually launched on iOS the month following GDC and went on to earn a ton of accolades for the unique experience it provided.

While Vignettes does feel most natural on the touchscreen, the developers have proven it’s an experience that can translate well to other platforms. As promised last month a desktop version of Vignettes has launched on Steam and and the iOS version has received an update adding in some new content. There’s new objects to manipulate and explore and the update notes promise that you’ll be able to “Dive under the sea and meet a joyful little troupe of planktonic musicians." I’m guessing that is just as adorable as I imagine it to be. Vignettes has received a pretty big content update before but it was over a year ago, so I’m very happy to see this delightful little thing getting some more attention and being available for a wider audience on desktop. If you like the above trailer and enjoy things that make you smile then Vignettes is well worth dropping a few bucks on.

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