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‘Ballz Invaderz’ Blends Brick-Breaking and ‘Space Invaders’ and is Looking for Beta Testers

A few years back a mobile game called Ballz took the world by storm with its spin on the brick-breaking formula of having many multiple balls in play and blocks that all took a certain number of hits, displayed as a countdown right on the block itself, in order to be cleared from the board. Ballz wasn’t the first game to use that particular spin, and it certainly wasn’t the last as there have been many copies and variations since, but it’s definitely the one that went mainstream first. Some have even tried to evolve the Ballz formula in various ways; one that’s quite beloved is Grapefrukt’s Holedown which played around with block placement and the number of balls available to use for each level that created an almost puzzle-like experience. Now developer Crazy Oyster Games has their own interesting take on the formula with their upcoming Ballz Invaderz, which as you might be able to guess is Ballz blended with blocks that rhythmically fall towards you like Space Invaders enemies. Check it out.

In addition to knocking out all the blocks in a level before they have a chance to descend upon you, you’ll also need to take out an occasional boss, which is that giant red hexagon you see in the trailer. There will also be an upgrade system so you can turbo charge your block-breaking skills, and although no official number has been declared it appears there will be triple-digits in terms of number of levels. Ballz Invaderz is set to officially launch on March 26th but Crazy Oyster is looking for some beta testing help ahead of that time, so if you’re interested in that then head over to the thread in our forums and let them know, otherwise look for this one to arrive towards the end of this month.