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‘Vista Golf’ Creator’s Charming Flower Gardening Game ‘Sprout: Idle Garden’ Looking for Beta Testers

Shallot Games, the creators of the colorful and serene mini-golf series Vista Golf, is looking for beta testers for their forthcoming title Sprout: Idle Garden. Similar to the Vista Golf games Sprout features clean and colorful visuals and allows you to build out your floral garden how you see fit. As Shallot explains, they wanted to utilize similar upgrade progression to other idle games but without a strict linear progression path. You be able to unlock a huge catalog of increasingly more valuable flowers and then upgrade them to increase your profits. Dump those profits back into your business by building homes in your garden for villagers to move into and to buy a variety of decorating items like ground tiles, new types of pots, and more.

Sprout: Idle Garden is set for release on March 12th for iOS with an Android version to follow sometime after. Ahead of that launch the team at Shallot is looking for some beta testers to smooth out any last-minute issues, so if you’re interested in taking Sprout for an early spin then head over to the thread in our forums to find a link to the public Testflight beta and a link to Shallot’s Discord server if you want to get in and chat with other Sprout-loving folks. You can also pre-order the game on the App Store right now if that’s your thing, otherwise look for Sprout: Idle Garden to arrive in just under two weeks on March 12th.