‘Stardew Valley’ for Android Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date

Last year, The Secret Police and Chucklefish brought the fantastic Stardew Valley ($4.99) to iOS. The port was awesome at launch and has constantly been improved. Read our review of the iOS version. We even featured it as our Game of the Week. After launch, they even added more control options.

They recently announced pre-registrations for the Android release that was “coming soon" and today, we learn the release date. Stardew Valley for Android releases on March 14th worldwide. It will also be localised in Korean, Italian, French and Turkish in addition to earlier localisations. These will be patched into other versions (including consoles) later on. Save transfer from PC will be supported and if you aren’t sure how to do it, read this.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for Stardew Valley on Android, you can pre-register for the game on Google Play. The Android port will cost $7.99 just like the iOS version. Here’s our forum thread on the game for more discussion. Have you been waiting for this port?