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‘Rest in Pieces’ is a Twisted Swinging Game that’s Looking for Beta Testers

You might know Swedish developer Itatake from their previous releases like 99 Rockets (Free), Pukk (Free), or WordClue (Free). You know, generally upbeat, inoffensive mobile games. Which makes their upcoming game Rest in Pieces all the more disturbing. It’s a third-person swinger where you’re tasked with touching either side of the screen to swing your character left or right and avoid the many obstacles that pop up in your path. That sounds pretty tame, right? But my gosh, the theming of Rest in Pieces is just… unsettling. Your characters are a series of glossy porcelain dolls and the environment you’re racing in is best described as a dark and creepy clown hellscape. Here’s an early trailer.

It’s just… wrong, but in all the right ways. The fact that your porcelain figures don’t move at all and then shatter upon hitting something is just extra unsettling for some reason. If you dig this sort of creepiness, Itatake is looking for some beta testers to take Rest in Pieces for an early spin ahead of its launch. Just head over to the discussion thread in our forums and drop a note about your interest, and the developers should be sending out a beta build in the coming days. If you don’t care about the beta but like the unique look of Rest in Pieces, we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress and will bring you any more news as its announced.