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Card-Based Dungeon Crawler ‘Knights of the Card Table’ Launching Next Week, Available for Pre-Order Now

Card-based dungeon crawlers are kind of “a thing" on mobile, and boy am I glad they are. Games like Card Crawl (Free) and Meteorfall ($3.99) have proven fantastic fits for mobile as they retain a lot of the strategy of a dungeon crawler RPG but formatted into an easy to play card game. Now developer Ponywolf is throwing their hat in the ring with their upcoming Knights of the Card Table. All the typical things you would expect are here, as you’ll play a hero with access to various weapons and you’ll take on enemies and gather up items in card form. The twist here is that you’ll play against a string of cards in a row but you have the ability to swap the order of the cards, determining which one you’ll face next. This adds a neat strategy as you’ll be able to do things like chug a health potion before taking on an enemy or get special bonuses for using a certain number of cards in a row. I feel like I’m doing a bad job at explaining it so just check out this trailer for Knights of the Card Table and all will be clear.

As you can see, not only can you unlock a number of different weapon types but also shields and even different adventurers, and all of these things have various types of abilities that’ll affect how you play. Unlocking stuff can require one or both types of the game’s currencies, Coins and Popsicles, and as scary as that might sound Knights of the Card Table is actually a premium game with no IAP. So you’ll be earning those currencies through good old-fashioned playtime. It really seems like another card-based dungeon crawler with really simple mechanics but deceptively deep gameplay. I think my only gripe is that I wish that it was a portrait game. Anyway, if you like these types of games and like the look of the trailer above, you can actually pre-order Knights of the Card Table on iOS right now for $4.99. Interestingly, the game actually is free to play on Android and is in open beta on the Google Play Store right now. I’m not sure if that will stay that way when the full launch comes or if it was maybe originally free to play and they changed it up at some point, but at any rate if you’re on Android you can check it out early with that link. Otherwise look for this one to officially launch next week on February 13th.