Microsoft Is Looking to Give Developers Xbox Live Cross Platform SDK Access for iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox, and More after Already Bringing Xbox Live to iOS Years Ago

Over the weekend, Windows Central posted about Microsoft looking to bring the Xbox Live cross platform SDK to more platforms. This news comes from information spotted at the GDC 2019 scheduling website which you can see here. The interesting thing to note is, Xbox Live isn’t new to mobile platforms. What is new and actual news is the fact that Microsoft wants to bring this to more developers and seemingly will talk about it at GDC 2019.

Back in 2012, Microsoft brought Wordament to iOS and it featured Xbox Live achievements. In 2013, Microsoft wanted to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android in a more prominent role. Since then, we’ve had the juggernaut that is Minecraft show up with a Microsoft login for Xbox achievements and cross platform sync across all non PlayStation platforms that get the new Minecraft. Microsoft looks to want to expand this SDK to other developers for cross platform achievements, multiplayer, and more and will discuss this at GDC.

Microsoft has never hesitated to discuss plans for mobile and they even are going to bring Project xCloud to mobile and Switch in the future. This will be huge if Microsoft manages to court developers with their SDK. Microsoft recently brought the Xbox Game Pass app to iOS and Android which lets you browse the catalogue of games offered and queue up downloads. Which games would you like to see on mobile natively with Xbox achievements and progress sync?

[Source: Windows Central]