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‘Loot Drop’ is a Humorous Upcoming Clicker with an Amazing Trailer

I am a fan of games not taking themselves too seriously, and hey, in the world of idle clickers how serious can you really be? Not very according to Loot Drop, an upcoming clicker from Singapore-based CritCo Games. You’ll square off against “conveniently pre-defeated monsters" and collect the shiny loot that they drop while avoiding the array of hazards that can also burst forth from their lifeless bodies. Yes, it’s “a moral grey area" looting murdered monsters, according to the game’s amazing trailer. Use all that il-gotten loot to buy brand new equipment. And what sort of equipment would a person playing a clicker need? Why gloves, of course. Learn all about Loot Drop in this very official Guide to Looting from CritCo.

I’m a BIG fan of that there trailer. CritCo is just a two-person operation whose mission statement is: “Here at CritCo, we strive to make every train ride, loo break and triple bypass surgery a little happier. One game at a time." The company was founded by a 3D artist who currently works in the AAA games industry but wanted to make games of his own, so he set out to do so because “Game dev’s easy AF, right?" When that proved not even close to accurate, he “hired someone who actually knew what a Unity was" and they’ve been working on Loot Drop together for the past year or so. The game is primarily developed for Android but an iPhone version is also in the works. The official Android launch is February 14th but you can play demo version right now on the Google Play Store. I’ll definitely be keeping my fingers crossed that an iPhone version of Loot Drop isn’t too far off.