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‘Plunder Kings’ is a New Shoot ‘Em Up from the Makers of ‘Malevolent Machines’ that’s Looking Awesome

We’ve really enjoyed the previous releases from Goodnight Games, like their super stylish runner/shooter hybrid Malevolent Machines ($1.99) or their super weird and pretty much undefinable Namaste Space Buffalo (Free), and now we’re really liking the look of their newest upcoming game called Plunder Kings. It’s a vertical shoot ’em up that actually began life, at least publicly, back in the summer of 2017 and at one point was set to release in February of 2018. But the folks at Goodnight Games just kind of kept adding new features, polishing the visuals, and balancing the gameplay and well here we are almost a year after that intended release date and the game still isn’t out. I’m not mad at that at all though, as if you read through the thread in our forums which shows the game’s progress over the past year and a half, it definitely seems like all this extra time was well spent. Today Goodnight Games has released a new trailer showing Plunder Kings in its current state.

So I haven’t mentioned yet the huge feature that makes Plunder Kings so unique in this genre. It’s a randomly generated wave-based game, where waves get increasingly more difficult the further you go. The entire game is built around collecting loot which you can then use to upgrade your fleet of ships with all sorts of different power-ups and abilities. During play you’ll collect TONS of loot through destroying enemies and it’ll accumulate with the more waves you defeat. You’ll be given the option to “cash in" that loot and end your run, or risk going further with increased difficulty and increased rewards but also run the risk of not taking any of the loot home if you fail. In addition you can place actual bets before a run based on things like how many waves you think you can beat or how many boss battles you can complete. Obtain those goals and enjoy your winnings, but fail and you can kiss some of your savings goodbye. It’s a really neat sounding twist on a shoot ’em up, and although no firm release date has been announced just yet Goodnight Games says they’ll have something concrete to announce about a Plunder Kings launch by the first of next month, so stay tuned.