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‘Forged Fantasy’ is a New 3rd-Person Action RPG that’s Launching Next Week

Hothead Games are primarily known for their Kill Shot series of mobile sniper games, but they also made a big splash just about a year ago when they launched their cover-based shooter Hero Hunters (Free) in the App Store globally. It was a “hero shooter" that featured a huge cast of unique playable characters and really satisfying cover-based shooting, but was stifled with a very grindy free to play monetization system. That said I still enjoyed Hero Hunters a ton, and now Hothead is taking a stab at a similar hero-based game but this time with a 3rd-person fantasy RPG called Forged Fantasy. The game actually looks really cool in these two brief trailers.

Like Hero Hunters, Forged Fantasy will feature a huge cast of different heroes to play as, with new ones being added through future updates. The classes will run the gamut from tanky soldiers to stealth assassins to mages with magical abilities. A campaign mode with hundreds of of missions will be available, as will all the typical multiplayer modes that you’d expect, like PvP, Daily Events, Co-op Raids and a Gauntlet Mode. The game is set to launch next week on January 17th and Android users can pre-register over at the Google Play Store. There’s no iOS pre-order currently, but look to get your hands on the global version of Forged Fantasy when it arrives in just under a week.