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QuestLord 2 Was Originally Set to Release Today but It Has Been Delayed to Fix Critical Bug

It always sucks when release dates get pushed but having a game that is polished and bug free later is always better than one that is rushed with issues. That’s exactly what happened today with the upcoming QuestLord 2. QuestLord 2 is the follow up to the classic QuestLord (Free) that released 5 years ago. Read our review of it. Erik Kinkead’s follow up that has been in development since then, was set to release today. Watch the trailer for it below:

Shaun covered the original QuestLord quite a bit on the RPG Reload and RPG Reload Replay. Originally set to release today (December 18th) across the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store, QuestLord 2 has been pushed to January after the discovery of a critical game breaking bug.

QuestLord 2 will launch for $6.99 next month when it hits all major mobile storefronts. The sequel will have strafing movement, more lore types, hundreds of NPCs, roguelike options, and more. There’s no shortage of great games to play on mobile but I know many were looking forward to this releasing today. We will post when a new release date is confirmed but as of now the release window is January 2019.