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Deliver Passengers Via an Elevator or Risk them Exploding in ‘Lifty!’, Launching Next Week

Elevator-based gameplay isn’t anything new. I mean, remember the classic Elevator Action? Or for a more contemporary example, a large part of the Tiny Tower series was operating an elevator. You’d often get a special guest arriving at your tower that needed to be delivered to a specific floor in time to earn a bonus. Could you imagine what it would be like if you didn’t deliver your guest in time and instead of simply not earning your bonus the guest would literally explode? Well that’s basically the premise of Lifty!, a new elevator action game and the debut title coming from Australian developer Major Frank. Deliver your multi-colored passengers to their matching floor in time or… they’ll explode. If 3 passengers explode, it’s game over. I guess that’s the threshold for deaths in the elevator operation industry: 3 is too many. Check out the trailer for Lifty!

So as you can see, with its cutesy art style and silly characters there’s a very lighthearted tone to all these elevator-related deaths. This isn’t the Mortal Kombat of elevator games, it’s more like the Pikmin or Lemmings of elevator games. The more passengers you deliver in Lifty! the higher up the tower you’ll be able to go, and if you’re able to make it to the very top, you’ll be declared the Lifty King! There are also A TON of different elevator types to unlock and upgrade, as well as multiple environments to do your lifting in. Lifty! seems cute and fun and likely a perfect fit for an iPhone game. You can pre-order it on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store right now, otherwise look for it to launch on both platforms next week on December 20th.