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Turn-Based Retro RPG ‘QuestLord 2’ Hits the App Store Next Week

The original QuestLord ($5.99) hit the App Store in 2013, which we reviewed not long after release. The neat thing about QuestLord is/was that for genre which typically is the crème de la crème of hardcore RPGs, QuestLord is oddly approachable. When I see one of these first person retro turn-based RPGs, my first thoughts are along the lines of, “I’m sure someone will love this, I probably won’t." That wasn’t the case at all for QuestLord, which I always really liked. Shaun also dug into the game in an RPG Reload, we’ve got a tips article, and even did an RPG Reload Replay. You could say we liked QuestLord quite a bit around here.

Well, we’ve got fabulous news. You can add one more massive game to look forward to next week as QuestLord 2 also hits the App Store on the 18th. From everything we can tell from its web site, QuestLord 2 looks to be exactly what we like to see out of a sequel: Taking everything that was great about the original and vastly expanding it. It’ll be $6.99 when it launches, and hopefully the sequel sees the same popularity and success of the original.