‘New Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ Now Available

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Here is a chance for you to see me try and talk about a game series that I’ve been aware of for decades but know absolutely nothing about. It’s The Romance of the Three Kingdoms! Yes this series has been around since the mid-80s, and has no less than thirteen(!) mainline entries as well as a smattering of spin-offs. It’s a strategy game series which isn’t really my cup of tea which probably explains why I’ve never delved into its many entries. However, it seems to have a strong fan base and back in September we learned that developer KOEI Tecmo in conjunction with BBGame would be adapting the eleventh game in the series as a new free to play mobile game. That game, titled simply New Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Free), is now available in the App Store. For whatever reason there’s not one regular length launch trailer for the game, so here’s a bunch of super brief little trailers instead to give you an idea of what’s in store.

So as I said, I’m not super familiar with the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, so I’m not really qualified to say how this new mobile entry stacks up against the rest. Other than to say that it looks pretty cool to my eyes? Obviously there’s a base-building aspect and that’s another genre I’m not very keen on, but the visuals look quite good and you can’t really be mad at horseback combat now, can you? It doesn’t really matter what I think anyway, as New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is free to download and check out for yourself, and if you do be sure to stop by the forum thread for some discussion and to leave your thoughts about it.

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