Simogo Has Completed Updating Their Entire iOS Game Catalogue for New iOS Device Screen Sizes with ‘Beat Sneak Bandit’

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2017 was quite the year for iOS gaming. The arrival of iOS 11 and the death of 32-bit apps led to the Appocalypse (LINK). Last year also saw the arrival of the iPhone X form factor which meant another device for developers with a new form factor. This led to some developers having to update older apps not once but twice for iOS 11 and then the iPhone X. Simogo aired their frustration with the matter a few times on Twitter but they ended up updating all their games for the iPhone X. I love their games and they play brilliantly on touch screens. It is sad that they are moving away from iOS for their brand new game.

Simogo’s full catalogue has now been updated for the 2018 iPhone X family including the XS and the XS Max and new iPad Pro lineup. The full catalogue of games (not including Year Walk Companion as that isn’t a game but a companion to one) is below:

Beat Sneak Bandit ($2.99)
Bumpy Road ($2.99)
Kosmo Spin ($2.99)
SPL-T ($2.99)
Device 6 ($3.99)
The Sailor’s Dream ($3.99)
Year Walk ($3.99)

I hope they consider bringing their new games or working on new stuff for iOS once again in the future. Hopefully Apple doesn’t annoy more developers with software updates that break compatibility in the future again. If you’ve never played a Simogo game before, I’d recommend getting Year Walk or Device 6.

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