‘Warcher Defenders’ Update Adds New Playable Character and New Game Mode

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Back in May of 2016, developer Ogre Pixel released Warcher Defenders (Free) to the App Store. It was a quirky castle defense type of game that had you defending the entrance of your castle as all manner of enemies attacked from the right side of the screen. You had a few different characters to play as who each had their own unique abilities. With character upgrades, item unlocks, and multiple types of game modes including a story-driven campaign, there was a lot to enjoy about Warcher Defenders and we even picked it as one of the Hidden Gems of 2016. About a year after that initial release, Ogre Pixel released a huge update in May of 2017 that added the ability to hire different types of Mercenaries to fight alongside you while you played.

It’s been a while, but the developer is back with another big update for the plucky little Warcher Defenders, and this one is probably the biggest yet. It adds in a brand new playable character called Isaura the Slayer who uses a Castlevania-like whip as her weapon of choice. This update also adds a new game mode that’s sort of like a shooting gallery mini-game that has you shooting down 30 randomly appearing targets as quickly as possible. If you like the look of the trailer above there’s no reason not to give Warcher Defenders a download and try it out for yourself as the game is free and is definitely one of the more underrated mobile games out there.

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