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The ‘This is the Police’ Mobile Port is Confirmed for Release Next Month

Back in February of this year we had a funny feeling that THQ Nordic would be bringing the adventure strategy game This is the Police, which they published for developer Weappy on desktop and consoles, to the iOS and Android platforms. We had that funny feeling because THQ Nordic themselves listed it as an upcoming release on their very own website. No official confirmation ever came though, so it appeared like it might just be a mistake. Well, not so! This week HandyGames, which is a subsidiary of THQ Nordic, has confirmed that the iOS and Android version of This is the Police is a real thing that’ll be coming December 13th. Check out this new trailer to get an idea of what’s in store with This is the Police.

The game has you playing the role of police chief Jack Boyd who must somehow amass a $500,000 fortune in 180 days, which is the time his forced retirement kicks in. How you earn this money will come down to some tough moral choices as you try to manage the crime in your city and “juggle dealing with the Mafia, corrupt cops, seedy politicians, and even members of the clergy who are way closer to hell than heaven." Best of all is that This is the Police will be a fully premium game with no ads or IAP. In fact, HandyGames has declared that moving forward they will be producing premium games exclusively since being acquired by THQ Nordic this past summer. We’ll definitely be looking forward to that, but first we’ll be looking forward to This is the Police on iOS and Android on December 13th.