‘Dragalia Lost’ Platinum Showcase Announced For A Limited Time

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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost (Free) is getting a Platinum Showcase. This is a limited time summon showcase which is similar to a Tenfold Summon. One summon here will get you 10 results. The difference between a regular tenfold summon and one from this limited event is a 5* adventurer, wyrmprint, or dragon is guaranteed here. What you get depends on the time slot.

The Platinum Shwocase begins on November 22nd at 2 AM and there are defined slots for an adventurer, wyrmprint, or dragon here. Each slot will let you do the Platinum Showcase summon only once and you need to buy diamantium for these summons. The 5* Adventurer slot is from November 22nd at 2 AM until November 25th at 1:59 AM, the 5* Wyrmprint slot is from November 25th at 2 AM until November 28th at 1:59 AM, and the 5* Dragon slot is from November 28th at 2 AM until December 1st at 1:59 AM (all ET). If you enjoy the music like I do, DAOKO finally has a music video up for the title theme for the game. Watch it below:

As always, I keep checking to see if there’s any news for more countries being added to the list for the game but nothing has changed since launch. At this rate, I don’t expect them to expand availability till early next year. Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. Check out the latest event in game here.

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