‘Storm Boy, The Game’ is Now Available on … Everything

Back in August we first got word that the classic Australian children’s book Storm Boy was getting a video game adoption (which follows two different movies that have also been made). We got an in-depth look at the game back at PAX, which closely followed the release announcement. Well, as of today, Storm Boy, The Game is available on basically every platform you’d ever want to play a video game on- Specifically: Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

The game, like the novel, focuses on the main character who is a young boy named Mike who carries the nickname “Storm Boy." On the beach of southern Australia the boy and his father discover three orphaned pelican chicks whose parents were killed by hunters. Storm Boy adopts the three chicks, and eventually becomes super close with one of them. There’s a lot more to it than that, but, I won’t spoil it.

While I don’t personally have a close connection to this piece of fiction, seeing how well the book has been adopted to mobile has made me fairly jealous of those who do. Hopefully the developers, Blowfish Studios, see enough success with Storm Boy, The Game that they end up doing more of these video game versions of classic books as the art style and overall quality of this game is simply off the chain.