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‘Twinfold’ from Kenny Sun is Like ‘Threes!’ Meets a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler, Coming December 5th

We are massive fans of developer Kenny Sun around TouchArcade Towers. From the mind-bending circular platformer Circa Infinity ($2.99), to the thoughtful digital puzzles Yankai’s Peak ($3.99) and Yankai’s Triangle ($2.99), to the trippy and twitchy A Hollow Doorway (Free). Yes, we love all of Kenny Sun’s titles which is why we’re very excited to see that a new one is on its way. It’s called Twinfold and based on its trailer and description it’s what you’d get if you mixed the board shifting and combining of Threes! ($5.99) with a roguelike dungeon crawler. I don’t know about any of you but that is a combination that sounds absolutely awesome to these ears. Check out the trailer for yourself.

If watching that has gotten you all excited, then great news, as Twinfold is very close to release with a launch date set for just a few weeks from now on December 5th. We know this because Twinfold is up for pre-order on the App Store right now and that’s the expected release date that’s listed. Nifty, right? The game will set you back $2.99 and if Kenny Sun’s previous works are any indication, that’ll be just a small price to pay for yet another quality time suck.